Good Collars for Training

We have been asked on a number of occasions if our collars and leashes are a good choice for training a dog.

First let me say, we believe that obedience classes are a great idea for you and your dog. And we know that there are so many different collars, harnesses, head halters, and other devises out there that may be good choices for you when you take your pup to doggie obedience school. As a dog trainer, I use all kinds of different equipment when I am training my dogs. Your instructor can help you with the best choice. With that said, there is one trick that I try to pass on to all my students.... Try using different equipment for different purposes. I use a leather martingale collar on my dog when I am looking for heeling nicely right at my side, and I use a flexi lead when the walk is all about doggie time to sniff and explore. My dogs know the difference and respond appropriately when I put on each different type of equipment.

So listen to your instructors and use the appropriate training equipment for your dog when you are going to dog school. And when you are home and it's time for your dog to just be a dog... it's time for his everyday Yellow Snow collar and leash!

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