Reflective vs. Glow in The Dark

We are currently offering reflective patterns. This is a great product and our customers have been very pleased with it. But don't be confused....

Reflective and glow in the dark are two different things. Reflective materials will bounce light when it shines on them. Our reflective patterns have silver in them that becomes bright and reflects light when a light source shines on it. You don't always notice it in the daylight, but at night when car lights hit the collar or spotlights on your house or a flashlight, you will see it. 

We have not found a glow in the dark material that we are happy with so we don't offer a glow in the dark product. A glow in the dark product would collect from a light source during the day, and glow at night. It would not need a light source at night to glow.

Whatever you decide to do with your dog at night, be safe !!!

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