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Welcome to
Yellow Snow Dog Gear!

We are happy to welcome you to our website and online store.  We produce dog collars and dog leashes that are high quality and attractive.  At Yellow Snow Dog Gear, we are proud to be a small company in N.H. offering personal service and quality products.  All our items are made in America and are fully guaranteed for life - even if chewed!
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 Adjusting Your Leash 
How to Make Your Adjustable Leash Shorter
  • Start with your leash adjusted to approx. 4 feet.  Your leash should be double width from the handle to the metal snap (the part you attach to the dog).
  •  Hold the plastic piece that sits between the handle and the leash in your left hand between your thumb and fore finger.  Let the leash drop naturally with the leash falling to the right and the handle falling to the left.
  •  Take the "strap keeper" (the small plastic piece that holds the two straps of your leash together) and push it all the way to the bottom of your lead so it is as close to the metal snap as it can be.
  •  Take a hold of the front piece of webbing in your right hand and pull downward.  This motion will pull the webbing through the adjustment system you are holding with your left hand, eventually leaving no webbing in the back and all the webbing in the front.  This motion will also make the metal snap rise so it is right up next to your handle (if you have the Super Bungee Lead this will bring the bungee part of your lead up next to the handle.  You will not be able to go as far as the metal snap with a Super Bungee Lead).
  •  Your snap is now positioned to make a short leash.  The webbing that you have pulled through the adjustment system may be snapped up in the plastic snap located in your handle so it is out of your way. 

 PLEASE NOTE:   While our leashes can be adjusted and used at a short length, they are most effectively used at a 4 - 6 feet.  If you are looking for long term use of a short lead, we suggest our Heeling / Traffic Lead which is a shorter version of the Sports Doggie Lead.


Yellow Snow Dog Gear
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