Hands Free Dog Walking - It is Possible!

Several years back, we had someone ask us if there was any way we could make a leash that had a handle that would fit around their waist so they could do hands free jogging with their dog.

That got us to thinking.... Having your dog or puppy tethered to you (in some situations) could be very useful. With proper training, dogs that walk nicely on leash do well on tethers. And that can make for nice walking, hiking, or jogging for their owners. There are some trainers that feel that tethers can work well with puppies. Tethering a puppy to you while you sit at your desk or eat your dinner can enable you to have your puppy near and yet under control.

So we created our Handle Extenders. These are adjustable lengths of black nylon webbing that will buckle right into your Yellow Snow leash handle.

Handle Extenders

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